Maximise the impact of JLA research priorities

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Aim: To ensure future research addresses the priorities of patients, carers and the professionals that care for them, by helping James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships to better influence researchers and funders.


Current status: £0 of £26,500 target

End date for donations: 31 Dec 2018


As one of the founders of the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships I am delighted that they have become a mainstay of the way a research agenda shared by clinicians, carers and patients can be identified. I remain very interested in the impact JLA priorities are having on the clinical research agenda.  Ongoing evaluation is an important part of healthcare and interventions generally.  The effects of the James Lind Alliance’s interventions also need to be assessed, so I warmly welcome this proposed project and support its objectives.
Iain Chalmers, Editor Testing Treatments and James Lind Initiative

James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships have become an incredibly powerful tool for articulating the health and social care research agenda from a patient, carer and health professional perspective. But their value ultimately depends on funders and researchers taking forward these priorities as funded research. I am delighted to support this innovative project which will provide an independent perspective on the extent to which priorities have been taken up and helpful guidance for the future.
Simon Denegri OBE, NIHR National Director for Patients, Carers and the Public

JLA PSPs represent the best way of hearing the patient and carer voice in setting health research priorities.  This work will help bridge the gap between generation and translation into meaningful and valuable research. 
Amanda Roberts, Nottingham Support Group for Carers of Children with Eczema, and Patient Representative

JLA is a key, well established and respected leader and broker of patient, public and clinician identification of the unanswered questions about treatments and care, and their translation into top priorities. It is well placed to push at the boundaries of decision making about which research projects get developed and funded, and this work is an important step towards achieving this.
Zoë Gray, Director of INVOLVE NIHR

I’ve been part of three PSPs in the past decade. I changed my mind about priorities several times at every meeting. So did others. I welcome this piece of work to try to help funders make sense of the priorities that we patients, carers and clinicians eventually agree!
Richard Stephens, Consumer Lead, Chair Consumer Forum, National Cancer Research Institute