More about the project

Aims & Objectives

The ultimate goal of this project is to help all James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships (JLA PSPs) influence the research agenda, so that future research addresses the priorities of patients, carers and the professionals that care for them.

This project will identify the most effective ways for JLA PSPs to influence which research projects get developed and funded, by:

  • Developing case studies of success and exploring how researchers and funders were positively influenced in each case
  • Identifying potential barriers to the use of JLA research priorities by researchers and funders and exploring how such barriers can be overcome
  • Identifying what action can be taken to maximise the impact of a PSP, both during the process as well as after producing a top ten list

Our approach

An Advisory Group will be established consisting of representatives from previous PSPs, including patients, carers, health professionals, clinical researchers as well as representatives from research funding organisations. This group will have oversight of the project and help shape its design, delivery and dissemination.

To address objective (a) we will identify positive case studies based on the advice of the Advisory Group and JLA advisers. We will conduct interviews with key stakeholders in each case study, including relevant members of PSPs, researchers and funding organisations to explore what worked, what could have been improved and what lessons might be useful to future PSPs.

To address objective (b) we will identify key stakeholders with the help of the Advisory Group and JLA advisers. These stakeholders, including researchers and funders, will be interviewed anonymously to ask about barriers to making use of JLA research priorities and exploring how such barriers could be overcome.

The findings from this work will be analysed and presented back to the Advisory Group as well as other relevant stakeholders in a final workshop in order to achieve objective (c), developing practical recommendations as to how to maximise the impact of prioritised research questions. These recommendations will be relevant to completed PSPs, as well as new ones. The recommendations will be shared widely and published in a report and journal article.

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