Our Values

We are committed to:

  • The active involvement of people who use services [1] in all aspects of the work of voluntary and statutory organisations – We will seek to involve people who use services in our own work wherever possible and appropriate.
  • Involving people who use services as partners in decision-making at all levels – Our priority is to work on projects where there is a wish for genuine involvement – where professionals are willing to listen to people who use services and make changes as a result.
  • Promoting partnership as a way of working – We will try to find ways to encourage sustainable change and to provide on-going support for involvement.
  • Valuing and respecting the skills, knowledge and experience that people who use services bring – We will seek to ensure that people are not out of pocket as a result of being involved in any of our projects.
  • Maintaining confidentiality but also encouraging sharing of experience/expertise We will seek permission from our clients before publicising our work but will actively promote networking and sharing good practice.
  • Encouraging good communication to support better partnership-working – We will encourage professionals to be open and honest about their reasons for involving people who use services and strongly encourage them to share information about how involvement has made a difference.
  • Equal opportunities – As far as possible, we will ensure that all our approaches to involvement are inclusive and demonstrate accessibility and equality.
  • Continually improving our working practice – We will seek feedback from our clients to improve our services.
  • Providing work which is of high quality and good value for money – We will work with our clients to agree a work plan that is practical and measurable – with regular reviews to ensure a successful project.

These values will inform our work and help us to determine which projects we are willing to undertake.

[1]. We recognise and respect the diversity of views among people who use services including the views of citizens, patients, carers, long-term users of health-services and organisations representing user interests.