Practice development

We carry out R&D projects in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to inform the development of PPI policy and practice. Recent examples of our practice development work include:

Guidance on writing plain English summaries of research in grant applications

We were commissioned by INVOLVE and the Department of Health to review good practice in writing in plain English to inform new guidance for researchers applying for funding from the National Institute of Health Research Programmes. We also considered how the quality of lay summaries could be assessed and improved. The findings have been used to change practice across the NIHR.

Developing training and support for PPI in research

We produced an online resource for INVOLVE that provides advice to people planning or developing training for public involvement in research. This includes training and support for researchers, service users and members of the public.

Guidance for voluntary organisations on PPI in research

We reviewed current PPI practice within voluntary organisations that support medical research, to develop our ‘route map’. The map gives guidance on good practice on involving patients/ members of the public at all stages of managing the process of funding research. It also provide advice on how organisations can promote PPI in the research projects they support.

Guidance for Chairs of committees with patient/public members

We worked with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration and the National Cancer Research Institute to develop guidance for chairs of committees with patient/public members.

Guidance for lay reviewers

We worked with patients, members of the public and staff at the National Institute for Health Research Central Commissioning Facility to renew their guidance for lay reviewers in the Research for Patient Benefit Programme. This guidance focuses on the unique contributions that lay reviewers bring to the peer review process.

Guidance for voluntary health organisations on helping with recruitment to research

We received a grant from The Wellcome Trust to work in partnership with a range of voluntary health organisations to produce guidelines for research staff. These help voluntary health organisations make decisions about which research projects they will publicise for recruitment purposes, based on the views of service users and carers. We worked with four pilot organisations to develop these guidelines: Asthma UK, The Neurofibromatosis Association, Rethink and The Stroke Association.

Glossary of research terms

We were commissioned by INVOLVE to develop a plain English glossary of research terms. We worked in partnership with service users, carers and researchers to develop this resource.