Route map

User involvement in research: A route map

This route map is for organisations that commission or fund research who wish to involve service users in their work. It provides advice on where to start as well as lessons from organisations that have already involved service users.

There are examples of forms, policies and strategies that you can download and adapt for your own use.

You are free to use any material from this site for your own organisation as long as you acknowledge the source and agree to share your work with others (see Terms of Use).

How to use the route map

It’s simple! There are three routes:

Route 1 (the blue route)
takes you through the different stages of the research management process – e.g. developing a research strategy or setting research priorities.

Route 2 (the orange route)
offers advice about how to develop the infrastructure for involvement – e.g. training service users

Route 3 (the green route)
focuses on how to support and promote user involvement in individual research projects – e.g. helping with recruitment.

Click on the ‘station’ you’d like to know more about. Once you’re in a station, you can read more about:

  • Lessons from other organisations
  • Things to think about before you start
  • Further guidance

When you’re on any page you can click on the route at the top of the page to take you to another station on that route, or click on the black circle to return to the full map.

You can use the links at the bottom to take you back to the home page, or to other information.

Who developed this site?

This site was developed by Kristina Staley and Bec Hanley of TwoCan Associates with support from the AMRC.
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