About TwoCan’s Director

TwoCan’s Director, Dr Kristina Staley

Kristina is an experienced analyst, researcher and writer. She has a background in biomedical science, gaining her PhD from Cambridge University, and working as a post-doctoral fellow in the USA. She moved into health and science policy working at the King’s Fund and Sussex University’s Science Policy Research Unit, to involve the public in health policy debates. Through working as an adviser at the London Science Museum, she gained considerable experience in making research accessible to the public.

Over the last fifteen years she has worked in a wide range of voluntary and statutory sectors organisations, including NICE, the Health Research Authority, INVOLVE, Parkinson’s UK, and The Mental Health Research Network, to evaluate and develop policy and practice. She is the author of INVOLVE’s seminal report: ‘Exploring Impact: Public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research’.

Relevant skills and experience

  • Leadership and expertise, supporting the development of strategic approaches to involvement.
  • Research and analytical skills, producing robust evidence and valuable insights into what works and why.
  • Writing in plain English – producing reports that everyone can understand
  • Making connections and identifying common solutions – enabling shared learning across sectors, disciplines and different organisations.

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