TwoCan’s Values

We are committed to the values and principles that underpin good practice in involvement, as described by INVOLVE in: Public involvement in research: values and principles framework (2015).

TwoCan is committed to:

  • The active involvement of patients and the public [1] at all stages and all levels of health and social care R&D – we involve patients and the public in our own work wherever possible and appropriate.
  • Promoting involvement that is meaningful and ‘fit for purpose’ – we aim to find the best approach to involving the people with the most relevant skills and knowledge to ensure involvement makes a real difference.
  • Enabling and empowering all stakeholders – to understand their respective roles and responsibilities, and to work in effective partnerships.
  • Valuing and respecting the skills, knowledge and experience that patients and the public bring – we ensure that people are not out of pocket as a result of being involved in any of our projects.
  • Maintaining confidentiality but also encouraging sharing of experience and expertise – we seek permission from our clients before publicising our work but actively promote networking and sharing good practice.
  • Encouraging good communication to support better involvement – we encourage professionals to be clear about why they are involving patients and the public and strongly encourage them to share information about how involvement has made a difference.
  • Ensuring that all our approaches to involvement are inclusive and demonstrate accessibility and equality, as far as is possible.
  • Continually improving our working practice – we seek feedback from our clients to improve our services.
  • Providing work which is of high quality and good value for money – we work with our clients to agree a work plan that is practical and measurable – with regular reviews to ensure a successful project.

[1]. We recognise and respect the diversity of views among patients and the public including the views of citizens, patients, carers, long-term users of health-services and organisations representing user interests.